Loci Records Showcase Tour


So excited to be joining Emancipator, Edamame & Lapa on the first ever Loci Records showcase tour! We’re hitting a select number of North American cities in late 2016 and into 2017. All show & ticket info can be found in the shows section of my site.

I’ll include a quote from Emancipator, who summed up his thoughts and intentions with the label and this tour:

Loci is the plural of locus, which is a focus point. It’s a collection of points, the same way each artist on the label is a point in the musical universe. Loci is the meeting point, a platform where we can share our art collectively, and we’d like for this tour to be another series of points where we share this music with you in a live setting.

The venues we’ve chosen are purposely more intimate than previous Emancipator tours, and it will be Ilya and I performing (No Ensemble) along with Tor, Edamame, and Lapa. We’ve been focused heavily on the band for the last couple of tours and it felt like a perfect opportunity to play a different style show and expand on some of the ideas that fall into that set VS the Ensemble. In the future we may expand to different cities and will definitely be hoping to include more of the roster, but this felt like a great starting place to build from.