Blue Book Remixed

It’s been just over 1 year since the release of my album ‘Blue Book’ and to celebrate I’m stoked to share ‘Blue Book Remixed’. Every track has been reimagined by a cast of incredible producers & friends who have done an amazing job putting their own take on the album. Huge thanks to Edamame, CloZee, Nym, Emancipator, MA/AM, Lapa, Frameworks, Little People, Blockhead & 9 Theory!

  1. Intro (Edamame’s Rework)
  2. Two Suns (CloZee Remix)
  3. Loop Theory (NYM Remix)
  4. Days Gone (Emancipator Remix)
  5. Myth (MA/AM Remix)
  6. Aeris (Lapa Remix)
  7. Vaults (Frameworks Remix)
  8. Cymbol (Little People Remix)
  9. Sunyata (Blockhead Remix)
  10. Aura Lore (9 Theory Remix)