Circles, Loop Theory & Odesza Remix

This past month has been a busy time - I've had 2 brand new original tracks released, as well as a new remix for Odesza.

The 1st is a new tack called 'Loop Theory' that was released on Array Vol. 3 from Autonomous Music, a massive compilation that features new music from Blockhead, Little People & Dj Vadim as well, check out the whole thing for free here

I've also had another new track called 'Circles' come out on the new Bloom Series compilation, the whole album can be found here

Last but not least I have a new remix for Odesza that was released on their 'My Friends Never Die: Remixes' EP, which can be downloaded for free here



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Drum Therapy

Drum Therapy is the debut album from Canadian producer Tor. Released on December 11th, 2012 on Emancipators new label 'Loci Records', it combines layers of downtempo melodic beats, organic instrumentation, and the unmistakable sounds of dusty samples. For the album, Tor mined everything from 60’s Italian film scores and long-lost Turkish psych records, to Celtic folk hymns, exotic eastern instruments and deep south gospel. He also played many of the non-sampled elements himself, and treated the sounds to give them the warmth & texture he had always wanted the album to have.

Physical CD also Available to purchase here.

All tracks written, arranged and produced by Tor
© Copyright 2012 Loci Records
Mastered by Angus Woodhead at Sunshine Coast Mastering
Cover art by Sébastien Tabuteaud

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2013 Winter Tour

Excited to announce that I will be joining Emancipator on his 2013 Winter Tour! Going to be making our way back through the Mid West, East Coast, and parts of the South between January 16th and Feb 17th. Tickets for most shows can be found here:

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Album Release News

I am excited to announce that my album 'Drum Therapy' will be coming out on Loci Records on December 11th! Here's the full announcement

In the meantime, have a listen to the opening song from the album, 'Glass & Stone'. Available as a free download!

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Drum Therapy Album Preview

UPDATE: Drum Therapy is now available! Listen / Download Here

On December 11th, my album 'Drum Therapy' will be released by Loci records! I've been working on it on and off for about 18 months, and this past winter pretty much hibernating and finishing it off. Keep reading for some album art, tracklist, and more info on me and what this is all about...


Emancipator – Siren (Tor Remix)

Emancipator - Remixes

In between working on tracks for my upcoming album, I've been lucky to have worked on a remix for Emancipator, which just got released on his album 'Remixes'.

I'm stoked to be on the same release as talented artists like Emancipator, Blockhead, Ooah, and everyone involved. Check out the whole album at and stream my remix of Siren below.

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New Track + Album Announcement!

Tor - Aperture

Most of the feedback I get from people these days is asking me what the hell I'm up to, so I thought it was time to share. I am part way through producing a full length album of original tunes that I will be releasing sometime in the coming months. One of the songs on it is called 'Aperture', which you can stream and download for free below. Keep an eye out here and along the social networking channels for more news as the album progresses!


(10MB zip file - CBR 320kbps)

(26MB zip file - Lossless CD Quality)

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Illinoize turns 1

March 5th, 2010: Illinoize turns 1 year old today, and with over 50,000 downloads and still hundreds of new listeners every week, I want to say thank you! Also, everyone who has taken the time to email me, make a donation, or write about it in their magazines, blog, or tell their friends - a HUGE thank you!

I would also like to give a shout out to Asthmatic Kitty records for contacting me and extending a license for me to use Sufjan's samples - a really refreshing and awesome move from them, in a time where unfortunately a lot of record companies are still trying to resist the changes in how fans listen to, distribute, and manipulate music.

If you haven't heard Illinoize yet check it out, and if you like it become a fan on facebook, and keep checking back here for updates!


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More Stuff From Me You Might Not Have Heard

Head over to the Download Page for more music from me you might not have heard, including mix sets, and compilations from other artists who I have remixed.

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Hello world!

Making a website. This is it! Post #1 😀

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